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Our company is not your standard "Omaha SEO Company". We know you work hard. So why not have your hard-earned money working for you for the years ahead? Our SEO is onward looking. It's inexpensive enough that you could make a ROI with just a few sales per month and strong enough to withstand the test of time.


You'll have our personal phone numbers and emails with a total open door agreement. Our company is right here to assist you so that means if you have a question, need trouble resolving an issue or are looking for an upgrade, we would certainly be there for you. A faceless company we are not. You'll be familiar with our team.


Our agency will send out month-to-month records with ranking updates and notable information, to make customers knowledgeable about any updates in the industry as well as encouraging recommendations to secure their business online.


We are not just Search Engine Optimization geniuses (humbly of course), we also are members of mastermind teams that consist of the world's best Search engine optimization specialists. We talk about approach, what's working and also exactly what to get away from doing in the future. We stay on what's going and what's new in our industry and you profit from that expertise firsthand.

Social Media Management

We Do The Heavy Lifting For You

Keeping a social media account is a time consuming task. We can do it for you so you don't have to get stressed or discouraged with day after day of Facebook posting or Tweeting. All the work is done by our agency, so you can have your life back. We have 3 packages, check them out: Social Optimizer, Social Builder, and Brand Builder.

Social Optimizer Package

Our company provides first class social media site management.
This Social Builder Package consists of:

1 Facebook post done daily

2 Twitter Tweets done daily

For additional information about our 3 social media packages, fire us an email or call 402-249-0120.

Social Builder Package

This package is to really hit it hard.

3 Facebook blog posts done daily

4-7 tweets on Twitter done daily

3 regular picture tweets on Twitter

Instagram posts to your Facebook and Twitter sites.

Brand Builder Package

The Brand Builder Package deal is certainly a crowd pleaser. With regular publishing on different social media sites your customers will view you as an authority and will rely on your business.

3 Facebook blog posts done daily

4-7 tweets on Twitter done daily

3 image tweets on Twitter done weekly

2 LinkedIn posts done daily

Instagram posts to your Facebook and Twitter web pages

Who We Are

09 67 71 01 99

Digital Marketing Expert at XWide Tidals

“Any company can profit considerably from working with the Ebb and Flow Team and Dave; I highly recommend their services. They will go the extra mile to ensure the job is done. Their knowledge, ability and character helped me to have a better understanding of SEO. I ‘d highly recommend them if you’re looking for help in search engine optimization!”

Jessica Robinson

“The 1st time I worked with Dave, I was blown away at his excitement and dedication to getting results. He has world class knowledge of how internet search works to help companies optimize their online marketing. Get Ebb and Flow and Dave working on any online promotion search jobs you may have as quick as you can.”

Seth Kaufman

CEO at Vine Concepts

“David is completely killing it with online marketing. He uses all the cutting edge methods and has a ton of expertise in Search Engine Optimization techniques to produce the most effective results possible. He comes highly recommended by me”

Lue Hang

Owner at Innovation Mind

“If your business is fortunate enough to get a chance to work with Mr. Zihlman and Ebb and Flow take it! He is the very best at what he does, he clarifies the method in a way anybody can understand and delivers as promised! They are true experts at branding and building your online presence.”

Sean Cavanaugh

Group Founder, Premiere Home Improvement and Services Pros

“From the moment you visit Dave’s website you know you are dealing with a true professional. He love’s helping companies grow because he understands there are hard working families who’s lives can be changed. If you need to get in front of your ideal customer then Dave can get you real results.”

Search engine optimization by our company is a way of improving visibility of a business on Google using different strategies that include making unique websites, making sure everything on the website is easily indexed, and improving content. SEO is the simplest way to dramatically increase leads from the search engines and push traffic to a specific business’s website.  This website is ranked #1 for several Omaha SEO search terms as well as Papillion SEO Expert and using the same techniques used on this website for Internet Marketing we could have your business ranked #1 as well. We’re a little different from the other SEO “companies”, our agency does the job ourselves. There is no outsourcing and there are not a bunch of added expenses from a bunch of unnecessary overhead that won’t benefit you. So you’re having the chance to get the exact (or better!) leg up that the big dogs get at a fraction of the price.

1. You will have many more business opportunities thru local Omaha Internet Marketing

A business on the first page offers excellent opportunities. People are much more likely to find a business and click on their link when searching for information, services, or products related to the line of business you work in. There are many techniques that help a website appear on top of search engine results. This includes but is not limited to contact marketing, Web 2.0 properties, and search query link building. Remember, it is getting on top that is easy, but it is staying on top that can take expertise to achieve over the long haul which is what our company specializes in.

2. Your Business will be easily found on Google with the help of a local Omaha SEO company.

Companies on the first page of search engines get up to 90% of their business from search engines. A key factor to ranking high is to have high quality websites and sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Pinterest linking back to your website. This is part of how to get ranked on the first page, but there is much more to it than that. The design of your website also matters but so does having high quality news sites linking back to your website. I think all business owners ask themselves what is the use of getting ranked on a website if I cannot be discovered by the search engines? More traffic equals more business hands down, and if you would like to reach more customers, then you must make sure your website is on page 1 of the search engine results. Ebb and Flow Omaha Seo Services is the best, and can help you to get there.

3. Your business will have a better reputation

People find answers to simple searches on the Internet like the location of a favorite ice cream shop in your city or a decent plumber. By typing certain keywords into a search engine, people have a number of results arranged in order by importance to the keywords they typed in.

When your website is always at the top when someone searches keywords similar to your business, you will appear as a market expert in your area of business. This makes a good reputation in the eyes of your possible clients. When you earn their trust, they will always want to do business with you. It isn’t easy to get on the 1st page in a short time. Careful implementation of strategies, finding a good local Omaha SEO agency (or whatever your city/location), and a little bit of time are what it takes to finally be on the top. Being at the top for sure will help to give your business a respectable reputation amongst your competition.

4. Digital Marketing reduces the cost of running your business

Our agency wants to assist you in DOMINATING the search engines and getting TONS of new leads…your phone ringing off the hook with excellent customers that are hand-picked just for you because they are searching for you with their own exact keywords and finding you on the first page! When your website appears on the top of the search engine when people search for services that you offer by doing SEO Omaha style, you will enjoy free advertisement. This obviously can cut tremendously into the cost of advertising your business online.

There is no doubt your company will do better when made visible on the 1st page of the search engine results. So, if you are concerned or not happy about your current spot on the search engines, you should look to experts for help getting you to the top. It has been shown many times that when a website is optimized by experts for search engines; it will appear at the top of the search results. The traffic to your website will increase as much as ten times or more when your company is at the top on search engine results. When you get to the top, customers will run towards you. Top ranking is an important asset for any business that wants to establish its presence online. Contact us Ebb and Flow Seo Service Omaha.

If you want to be on the 1st page in the real Google search engines, please fill out our discovery form or pick up the phone and give us a call at (402) 249-0120. (Leave a message if we don’t answer)

David Zihlman

(402) 249-0120

Or email me directly at: David@ebbandflowdesigns.com


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